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Shamanic Arts Membership Program

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Shamanic Arts Membership Program

Shamanic Arts Shop
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Join the traveling shamans, visionary artists, wisdom teachers, & sponsors who support the preservation of shamanic culture and practices.

We offer the following benefits on each tier of membership.

Field Trip Group

  • Invitations to field trips to Sacred Witness Sites, Shamans Camp, & related festivals.
  • Byline for work in Sacred Witness Portfolios

Alchemical Artworks

  • All the benefits of the levels above this one as well as
  • Gallery space at the Alchemical Artwork Exhibit that runs online from January to July of each year.
  • Gallery space @ the Creamery Show for month of August.
  • Monthly Alchemical Artwork Sessions

Experience Exchange

  • All the benefits of the previous levels as well as:
  • Eligible to add events to ExperienceExchange.net
  • Video interview on the Talk Story Today Show
  • Listing in Shamanic Speakers & Storytellers
  • Eligible to add classified ads to our advertising board
  • Monthly Shamanic Encounters

Project Sponsor

  • All the benefits of previous levels
  • Eligible to place a banner ad on the sponsored project page.
  • Eligible to place an offline banner @ annual Traveling Shamans Camp
  • Eligible to supply a magnetic sign for SAC vehicles during official travel
  • Eligible to consign approved products to our shop
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All memberships include a 1 month free trial

All membership levels receive a directory listing & the Posts From Shamans.

Barter Memberships Available - Contact Julia Widdop @ 970-200-5683
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